I Have Moved!!!

Dear All,

I have moved out of WordPress.com effective today.

I apologize for any technical problems in the last 24 hours if you have difficulty reaching my site.

I will not be updating playpiano.wordpress.com any more.

From now onwards, please reach me at one of the following URLs (they point to the same place):

www.PianoShortcuts.com or  www.PianoCheats.com

Thank you for visiting!

Les Hmye

Paano Na Kaya

The songs starts in the Ab key, and after the bridge (Part 3), it moves to A. Part 4 therefore is actually the same as Part 2, just played in a different key.

Human by The Killers

The key is Bb.

This song is in C.

The key here is E.

This song is in Bb key.

寂寞暴走 — 飛輪海

The key for this song is Db.